• Job opportunity: Marketing assistant with focus on social media marketing

    Company: Lion Healthcare Europe AS

    Location: Østlandet/east coast of Norway

    Lion Healthcare Europe AS is a Norwegian biotech company developing health technology to improve the quality of life. We were national finalist of the Nordic Startup Awards in 2018. For more information, visit our website: www.lionhealthcare.no

    We currently are looking for a marketing assistant to help us with our expansion in Norway and internationally.



    • Develop, plan and manage campaigns which generate qualified leads for buyer and supplier prospects for the Sales team to convert
    • Develop, plan and manage nurture unqualified leads throughout the early stages of their customer journey, building trust and demonstrating thought leadership
    • Work with the Sales teams to plan, optimize and execute campaigns
    • Design, test and creation of event and content lead generation
    • Aim to grow reach, engagement and key conversion metrics across all channels – search, paid, social, web, email and content
    • Oversee SoMe budget; track campaign spend and identify opportunities for cost efficiencies
    • Ensure all campaigns are measured, evaluated and continual improvement is in place


    • Help to manage and maintain regular customer communications (e.g. newsletters)
    • Identify, design and plan up-sell and cross-sell opportunities and campaigns
    • Stay abreast of procurement trends


    • Proven experience in digital marketing implementation
    • Successful track record of running inbound marketing campaigns
    • Experience of using a marketing automation software, such as mailchimp
    • Experience in Facebook, google advertisement, SEO
    • Experience in running Wechat groups and social medial marketing on Wechat (preferred)
    • Skillful in production of videos, short films, pictures for use in social media marketing and promotion


    • Strong copywriting skills

    Arbeidsgiver: LIon Healthcare Europe AS

    Stillingstittel: marketing assistant

    Frist: ASAP

    Ansettelsesform: Midlertidig engasjement med mulighet for fast ansettelse/Temporary engagement for one year with possibility for permanent employment.

    Quetions about the position:

    Kontaktperson: Zy Kristoffersen

    Stillingstittel: Daglig leder

    Mobil: 40645656

  • Lion Healthcare helps source medical supplies for Chinese hospitals in their combat against the Coronavirus threat.

    February 12, 2020

    Lion Healthcare has been utilising its large supplier network in Europe to source the critically important medical supplies and consumables for Chinese hospitals and in this way contributes to the global combat against the coronavirus epidemic threat.

    We have assigned a dedicated team to work on this task. Contact us if you have the following products to supply:

    • Medical masks
    • Surgical masks
    • Respirators FFP2 and FFP3 without valve
    • Protective coveralls with EN14126 standard
  • Sales Manager and digital marketing experts

    March 14, 2019

    Wanna join an exciting biotech startup with a huge international potential?

    Lion Healthcare AS develops next generations solutions for diabetes prevention. We are in an exciting commercialisation phase and is looking for talents with en entrepreneur in the soul and strong drive to achieve excellent results to join our team for sales and marketing. We offer ownership in stead of salary!

    Arbeidsoppgaver sales manager

    • lnngå avtaler med apotek-og helsekostkjedene i Norge.
    • Oppsøk kunder utover Norge
    • Besvare henvendelse fra kunder
    • Hold foredrag og stand på konferanser og messer
    • Følg opp leveranser.
    • Ha totalt budsjettansvar for det norske markedet.
    • Vurdere og bygg opp nye relasjoner og salgskanaler.

    Arbeidsoppgaver digitalmarkedsføring koordinator

    • Alt innenfor digital markedsføring
    • Styr vår FB, instagram, youtube sider


    • Vi er mer opptatt av personlighet enn hva slags papirer du har.

    Personlige egenskaper

    • God på nettverksbygging.
    • Selvdreven, pådriver, og liker å få ting gjort.
    • Gode samarbeidsegenskaper.
    • Trives med å holde foredrag for større forsamlinger.
    • Genuint interessert i å holde seg oppdatert innen ny teknologi cg kunnskap.

    Våre betingelser:

    • Opsjoner/aksjer I vårt selskap
    • Bonus basert på resultater.

    Arbeidssted: Drammen/Oslo, eller etter avtale.

    Stillingstype: heltid.

    Søknadsfrist: 20 oktober 2016.

    Søknad merkes “Salgssjef “ eller “digital markedsføring” og sendes til:

    mai@lionhealthcare.no. Kontaktperson: Zy Kristoffersen, tlf. 40645656. Epost: mail@lionhealthcare.no

  • Lion Healthcare on Norway's Prime Minister's official delegation to India

    January 7-8, 2019, New Delhi, India

    Lion Healthcare was on the official business delegation of the Norwegian Prime Minister, Ms. Erna Solberg, on her official visit to India in January. We have met with several interesting Indian companies and explored the future cooperations.

    India is the country with one of the largest diabetes population. It represents a huge potential for our patented Insubalance solutions.

  • Lion Healthcare exhibited at China Import Commodity Expo

    November 5-11, 2018, Shanghai, China

    Lion Healthcare exhibited at China´1st Import Commodity Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai in November 2018. President Xi paid a visit there and held the opening speech.

    Our patented Insubalance solution for diabetes prevent and treatment support gained huge interests from the trade visitors. We are currently into several negotiations to bring Insubalance to the Chinese market.

    All samples we have brought to the trade show was sold out already after day 2.

  • Lion healthcare on the delegation of the royal official state visit to China

    October 15-18, Beijing & Oslo

    Lion Healthcare was a part of the official delegation of the Norwegian royal couple, his Majesty the King and the Queen, on their official state visit to China in October.

    During the visit, we signed a strategic cooperation agreement with a large China pharma company. In addition, we have pitched our diabetes prevention technology project, Insubalance, towards a large Chinese investor audience and gotten very good response.

  • National finalist in Nordic Startup Awards

    August 1, 2018

    Lion Healthcare is one of the five Norwegian national finalists of the Nordic Startup Awards 2018! We are nominated to 3 categories: Best Healthtech, Best Foodtech/Agritech and Founder of the Year.

    The founder & CEO of Lion Healthcare, Ms. Zhonying Kristoffersen is the only female among the 5 nominees within category: Founder of the Year. Congratulations!

    Lion Healthcare is built upon a vision of improving the quality of life through innovation. Our uniqueness is rooted in our xpertise of combining top class innovation within marin biology and huge market potential within diabetes care in China and Europe. Please vote for us here.

  • Our FSMP product Recover Nutrition gained national approval in Argentina

    June 4, 2018

    Our Food for special medical purpose (FSMP) product, Recover Nutrition, gained national approval in Argentina. This is a great breakthrough in our market penetration and pave a road for further expansion of other products of ours in South America region.

  • Business match-making within healthcare and biotech sector in Germany

    Dresden & Leipzig, 29.05-01.06

    Lion Healthcare was among the five Scandinvian medtech/biotech companies that were invited by the State of Saxony in Germany to meet relevant Germany companies in the sector.

    Multiple business meetings were conducted, innovative ideas exchanged and relationship established.

    9% of the German population has type 2 diabetes diagnose. At least the same amount has pre-diabetes. This represents 1,5 millions patients in our target segment!

  • Lion Healthcare exhibited during Vitafoods Europe in Geneva

    Vitafoods Europe. Geneva, 15-17 of May, 2018

    Lion Healthcare has successfully exhibited during Vitafoods Europe in Geneva in May 15-17, 2018. Several new products are launched during the expo including our new flag ship product Insubalance Plus.

    2 of Lion Healthcare´s new products, Insubalance Plus and Recover Plus, are selected to be shown in the New Product Zone this time and have attracted enormous attention from over 100 000 visitors from around the world.

  • Lion Healthcare signed an agreement in Argentina

    March 6-8, 2018, Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Lion Healthcare Europe AS, the provider of next generation´s solution for prevention of type 2 diabetes and diabetes complications was invited to join the business delegation to the Norwegian King and Queen on their state visit to Argentina March 6-8, 2018.

    An sales & distribution agreement was signed between Lion Healthcare Europe AS and our partner in Argentina during the state visit.

    “Argentina is the entrance door to the whole South America market, including Brazil and Mexico which have huge diabetic population, and represents a great market potential for our sustainable and economical solution Insubalance”, says CEO of Lion Healthcare Europe, Zhongying Kristoffersen.

  • Demo day of Insubalance in Sunkost health food store at Sandvika Storesenter in Norway

    Feb. 23rd 2018, Sandvika, Norway

    Lion Healthcare held a demo day of Insubalance products in Sunkost health food store at one of the largest shopping center, Sandvika Storesenter in Norway on the 23rd of Feb. We experienced strong interests from customers from all age groups.

    Head on!

  • Nomination of “The Enterpreneur of The Year”

    Nov. 9th 2017, Drammen, Norway

    CEO of Lion Healthcare Europe AS, Zhongying Kristoffersen is nominated to The Entrepreneur of the Year in Buskerud County in Norway.

    “We are glad to see that our effort of helping the society solving a huge health challenge such as type 2 diabetes through an innovative and sustainable solution such as Insubalance has gained attention from the public”, says Zhongying (Zy).

    Dagsavisen, one of the national newspaper covered this story: https://www.dagsavisen.no/fremtiden/lokalt/tar-et-stort-skritt-pa-vei-mot-a-realisere-drommen-1.1053549

  • Pilot launch in health food stores Sunkost in Norway

    Feb. 23rd 2018, Drammen, Asker & Sandvika, Norway

    Insubalance, the next generation´s solution designed to support the prevention of type 2 diabetes and diabetes complication was pilot launched in several selected health food stores belong the Sunkost Healthfood Store chain in Norway.

    The pilot launch started October 2017 and is ongoing. Customers can buy Insubalance products at Sunkost Torgetvest in Drammen, Sunkost Eikersenter, Sunkost Trekant in Asker and Sunkost in Sandvika Storesenter.

    The feedback from the stores have been overwhelming. In addition to blood sugar regulation and cholesterol reduction, Insubalance is also used to weight management, especially overweight caused by lifestyle issues.

  • Lion Healthcare pitched at Swiss Nordic Bio in Zurich

    Feb. 8th 2018, Zurich, Switzerland

    Lion Healthcare Europe was invited as one of the growth health startups to pitch at Swiss Nordic Bio in Zurich among over 80 potential investors.

    “Lion Healthcare develops next generation´s solutions for diabetes care. Our solution for prevention of type 2 diabetes and diabetes complications represents a €3 billions market potential”, says CEO of Lion Healthcare Zhongying Kristoffersen. “I am glad to see strong interests from Europeans investors in our solutions and approach towards prevention of type 2 diabetes and its social economic impact”, she continues. “We are looking for €1 million at this stage and another €4 millions when we shall roll out in the Chinese market which has over 120 millions diabetics”, says Zhongying Kristoffersen

  • Nomination of The Enterpreneur Sprout of The Year

    Dec. 6th, 2017, Oslo, Norway

    CEO of Lion Healthcare Europe AS, Zhongying Kristoffersen, was nominated to The Enterpreneur Sprout of The Year Award by Norwegian Enterpreneur Association.

    Mrs. Kristoffersen was nominated to this prestigious award among over a thousand nominees. “I am honored and humble”, says Mrs Kristoffersen. “Being a founder and CEO of a startup that aims at capturing a billion dollars global market with very limited resource from a small country has been challenging. I am glad to see that we have developed 2 product portfolios, entered 4 markets in a very short period of time”, she continues. “Thanks all for your great support!”, says Zhongying Kristoffersen.

  • Lion Healthcare on the official delegation of Norwegian Fishery Minister to China!

    June 2, 2017

    We are proud of being a part of the business delegation of the Norwegian Fishery Minister on his first official visit to China last week, where we got the opportunity to demonstrate our Insubalance diabetic Nutrition based on sustainable marine protein from Norway for a large number of Chinese companies.

    Insubalance product serie includes a shake and 3 soups with patented compositions that in whole limit blood sugar rise after a meal and reduce blood cholesterol. In addition, Insubalance contributes to increase muscle mass due to the high protein content in the products.

  • Lion Healthcare at Vitafoods Europe 2017 in Geneva

    June 2, 2017

    Lion Healthcare was one of the exhibitors at the Finished Product zone at Vitafoods Europe in May in Geneva.

    This time we have highlightened our innovative patented diabetic nutrition products Insubalance Shake and Insubalance soups for a large audience of over 20 000 visitors from all over the world.

    Insubalance products contains fish protein that in several published clinical studies has show blood sugar reducing properties both in overweight persons and in type 2 diabetes patients.

    In addition, we have shown our medical food/Food For Special Medical Purposes Recover Nutrition which is both approved and reimbursed in Norway and EU.

    Recover Nutrition is in Norway approved for cancer patients, surgery patients, especially bariatric surgery patients, IBS patients and malnutritionalised elderly. It contains high dossage amino acides, naturly occurring glutamine and marine fatty acids in phospholipid form that are highly bioavailable. In addition, it is high protein and high energy.

    Both Insubalance products and Recover Nutrition are featured in the New Product Zone at Vitafoods Europe this year.

  • Lion Healthcare signed a major agreement in China!

    April 10, 2017

    This historical event took place on 7th-11th April 2017 in Beijing and Shanghai, China. Lion Healthcare Europe AS had the honor to be a part of the business delegation of the Norwegian Prime Minister on her official state visit to China, where we signed a MOU for a Strategic Collaboration Frame Agreement with a large Chinese pharmaceutical company.





    This agreement concerns our revolutionary nutrition products for diabetics INSUBALANCE for the Chinese market. The Norwegian Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affair and Minister of Trade and Fishery witnessed the signing ceremony.








    China has 120 millions diabetics and accounts for 1/3 of the world´s diabetics population. This MOU shall pave a foundation for the market penetration of INSUBALANCE in China for the years to come.

  • Lion Healthcare Europe AS on Chinese state-owned news channel

    Drammen, Norway/Tianjin, China. 18th-21th of June, 2015

    E-commerce and cross-boarder trade is blooming and has become a mega-trend in China. Free Trade Zones shall smooth the B2C cross boarder trade between foreign companies and the Chinese consumers.

    The CEO of Lion Healthcare Europe, Ms. Zhongying Kristoffersen, was newly invited by Tianjin City
    Government to pay a visit to the Tianjin Pilot Trade Zone. Tianjin is one of the three municipalities directly under the central government, has 15 millions inhabitants and is strategically located in China. Tianjin Free Trade Zone is the only pilot free trade zone in Northern China that is approved by central government and will become a window for B2C cross boarder trade for the years to come.

    During her visit, Ms. Kristoffersen was received by the Mayor, Mr. Xingguo Huang and the leadership of Tianjin City. Tianjin TV News Channel interviewed Ms. Kristoffersen in combination with her visit to the Pilot Free Trade Zone.

    See the video In Chinese news

  • Lion Healthcare participated China´s largest health industry expo in April 2015

    Drammen, Norway/Beijing, China. 23rd of April 2015.

    Lion Healthcare Europe has participated in the biggest health industry expo in China “The 18th Health Industry Expo and World Health Industry Conference” held in Beijing on 16th-18th of April 2015.

    CEO and chairwoman of Lion Healthcare Europe, Ms. Zhongying Kristoffersen participated the Expo and held a speech during the opening ceremony. Ms Kristoffersen was given the honor to share the award to the gold medal winner of class “Best Drinking Water”.

    Along with the increase income and life standard of the normal Chinese people, the health industry and consumer health market in China are experiencing a tremendous growth. It is on the six business areas expected to have the biggest growth potential for the years to come.

    Award ceremony Lion Healthcare Europe is well positioned in this enormous industry and market trend. The company has established a sales and distribution network in China both online and off-line. We have developed a series of food supplement and food products with origins from Norway with premium high quality Norwegian marine resources facilitated by the advanced process technology of marine ingredients at a state-of art production facility in southern Norway.

    “Consumer health is the next mega trend in China, says Ms. Kristoffersen. “Lion Healthcare with it´s rich Norwegian heritage in marine resources and cutting edge processing technology, close access to the newest health innovations in Europe and it´s deep root in both countries, we are well positioned to capture this maybe once of life time opportunity” she concluded.

  • Lion Healthcare Europe enters an exclusive agreement for Scandinavians No. 1 slimming product 30 Days and skin beauty brand Skingain!

    Drammen, Norway. 16th of May 2014.

    Lion Healthcare Europe today announces that it has entered an exclusive distributorship agreement for Scandinavian´s No.1 slimming and beauty brand 30 days, Hairgain and Skingain for China and Hongkong market.

    “The product line of 30 days, Skingain and Hairgain sells in over 30 countries around the world. We are proud that Lion Healthcare Europe has gained such trust from the product and brand owner. This demonstrates our strong expertise, strength and resources in commercializing, marketing and selling innovative health related products from Europe in Asia”, says CEO of Lion Healthcare Europe Ms. Zhongying Kristoffersen.