Consumer health

    • Metabolic health

      Metabolic health

      Good Metabolic Health is the state in which your body can maintain its ‘set point’. Diabetes II (DM2), obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular disease are metabolic disease that are related to lifestyle and metabolic health state.

    • Joint & muscles

      Joint & muscles

      The optimal functioning joints and muscles are vital for the mobility and life quality. Through combining our hybrid technology with active ingredients that are anti-inflammatory, we have developed unique formulas that support joint & muscle functions and improve quality of life.

    • Cell renewal

      Cell renewal

      Only in recent year, scientists have discovered the amazing effect of Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) related to the production of NAD that is the co-enzyme hundreds of oxidoreductases, responsible for producing 95% of the body energy production and regulate hundreds of metabolic reactions in the body.