About our company

About Lion Healthcare

Lion Healthcare was the national finalist of the Nordic Start-up Award in 2018.

What do we do

We base every product development on world class science and research. We use clean, fully traceable and top quality ingredients from the Nordic nature in our products. We ensure high quality and safety through strict internal control procedures that ensure the whole value chain from upstream to downstream is fully integrated and scrutinised.

We work with top scientists and institutions to ensure the quality and effects of our products.

Our business areas include:

  • Consumer health
  • Medical nutrition
  • Connected & smart health-tech
  • Hospital consumables

Our partners

Below are some of our partners:

Innovation Norway
The Norwegian research council
Nordic Startup Awards
IThe University Hospital of Haukehand
EIT Health
Norway Health Tech

The vision of Lion Healthcare is to improve the
quality of life through world class innovation.