Rapid Covid19 detection kit available now in Europe, the Middle East and South America

WHO has declared the Covid 19 as a global pandemic. The rapid growth of the no. of infected patients has set the lab testing capacity in European countries under huge pressure. This rapid detection can function as a supplement to the current PCR test and as a screening method. It takes only 10-15 min. to show result. 

The benefits of the rapid Covid 19 test are as follows:

It is rapid. Takes only 10-15 minutes to see the result

It measures the antibody of the virus. It is more sensitive after the infection has occurred after 5-7 days

It is sensive and specific. The sensitivity of this test is around 95%

It is a good supplement to the PCR test as a initial screening tool

It does not require lab facility. It is easy to perform at a doctor’s office or with supervision of a health personell

It costs much less than the PCR test

Lion Healthcare has two rapid IgG/IgM test kits to offer. Both are sensitive and specific. Both has gained CE mark and can be marketed in Europe and the Middle East.It represents an innovation to save lives and huge cost saving for Europe. Contact us for more details.